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Author: bhaus

Hurricane In A Box

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SUPPORT OUR VIDEOS DOWNLOAD VIDEO Brian Haus is no stranger to staring straight into the fury of a hurricane. He watches as the still air stirs into over 150 mph winds. The flat turquoise water suddenly churns a series of endless crashing waves of white frothy foam....

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Meet SUSTAIN Director Brian Haus

  |   Press   |   No comment Get up close and personal with SUSTAIN Director Prof. Brian Haus as he describes his inspiration for becoming a scientist and the ongoing work in the laboratory. This is a part of the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiatives "Dispatches from the Gulf"...

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NSF Experiments

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During June, we used the ASIST tank to finish the instrument cross-calibration of turbulence measurement by studying the classic grid turbulence. This is the first step of the NSF sponsored project on temporal and spatial scaling of dissipation under non-breaking surface waves- a collaborative effort...

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