Air-Sea Interactions

 air-sea interface

image: A wave breaking in the SUSTAIN tank

Air-Sea Interaction

About This Project

A great deal of the research performed at SUSTAIN involves the observation, theory, and modeling of the physical exchange between the atmosphere and ocean. Specific processes that we study include wave growth and breaking, turbulent air-sea fluxes of momentum, heat, and gas, sea spray and bubble generation, in moderate and extreme (hurricane) conditions alike. Better understanding of these processes ultimately leads to improved weather and ocean prediction as well as the development of new observational techniques.

Ongoing and past projects:
  • Air-Sea Momentum Transfer in Extreme Wind Conditions (National Science Foundation)
  • Investigating Gas Exchange Processes using Noble Gases in a Controlled Environment (National Science Foundation)
  • Can a spray infused boundary layer alter the air-sea momentum transfer rates in high winds